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Four Grain Straight Bourbon

Meticulously pot distilled, each batch of our Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the proprietary master blend of our two Bourbon formulas. Featuring 60% corn with wheat, rye, and barley in the mash bills, this Bourbon features impressive palate complexity from each of the four grains and is especially delicious sipped neat.

Nose: Honeysuckle, toasted sugar, and stone fruit

Palate: Chicory, brown butter, and treacle

Finish: Roasted savory cooking spices


Spirit Works Distillery Four Grain Straight Bourbon bottle

Straight Wheat Whiskey

Our Straight Wheat Whiskey is mashed from 100% organic red winter wheat grown in the Sacramento valley. Always aged in full size American charred oak barrels – this incredible whiskey is welcoming with familiarity from the wheat yet surprisingly complex. Aged a minimum of 4 years.

Nose: Butterscotch and tobacco

Palate: Graham cracker, caramelized sugar, sweet tea, and toasted walnut

Finish: Cocoa nib, vanilla, stone fruit


Spirit Works Distillery Straight Wheat Whiskey bottle

Straight Rye Whiskey

Our Straight Rye Whiskey is a true small-batch, high-rye whiskey. Always aged in full-size American oak barrels with a 70% rye 30% malted barley mash bill - this whiskey is spicy and bold as you would expect and yet incredibly rounded. Aged a minimum of 4 years.

Nose: Bright aroma of baked apple, coffee, cedar, and leather

Palate: Clove, nutmeg, honeycomb, toasted coconut, and vanilla

Finish: Warm rounded spice

Good Food Award Logo Year 2022


Spirit Works Distillery Straight Rye Whiskey bottle

Why Choose Spirit Works Distillery?

Spirit Works Distillery, awarded Distillery Of The Year in July 2020, was founded, in 2012 in the heart of Sonoma County in Sebastopol, California, by husband and wife team Timo and Ashby Marshall.

The distillery is a highly respected and award-winning craft spirits producer which house-ferments, distills, and bottles handmade Vodka, Gin, Sloe Gin, Barrel Gin, Barrel Reserve Sloe Gin and the all four-year-old Straight Wheat, Straight Rye, and Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey onsite. Lead by one of the few female distilling teams in the U.S., Spirit Works Distillery is continually voted as Best Craft Distillery and Tasting Room in Sonoma County.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Phenomenal! Rebecca and staff are knowledgeable and fun! Great craft spirits and cocktails. Cool location within The Barlow District. Gin, Vodka,  Whiskey extraordinaire. Big fun and check out the tour too! Yes!!!

If you like Gin and other nicely distilled alcohol this is the place for you.  It is warm and inviting, fun to see how it is done and you can now buy as well as taste through a variety of solid spirits.  They produce some of my favorite Gins and I have always had a good time when I visit.

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