Whiskey is coming!

This week has been extremely exciting at Spirit Works Distillery and one that has been several years in the making for Timo and Ashby. Recently, barrels 13-17 and 13-18 of Straight Wheat Whiskey and barrel 13-20 of Straight Rye Whiskey were harvested and prepared for bottling. By definition, "straight" whiskies need to spend at least two years in barrel. With our whiskey being such an anticipated release, everyone wanted to help out and we had a great crew of bottlers join us and be a part of the historic experience. Photos will be coming soon!We'll be announcing launch dates for the whiskies in the coming weeks as well as the date you'll be able to sample our whiskies in the tasting room (which will definitely be before you can buy it in store!!) We're also planning a whiskey release party at the distillery! Exciting things are approaching as we near the end of 2015. Stay tuned!!