Visit CA Newsroom: Golden State Artisanal Spirits and Cocktail Culture Causing a Stir

April 23, 2019

In Sonoma County, Spirit Works Distillery operates out of The Barlow in Sebastopol, where Founders Timo and Ashby Marshall produce vodka, sloe gin, barrel gin, whisky and more with a “grain to glass” philosophy. This means that all production processes take place in-house, including milling, mashing, fermenting and bottling.

“It's something that people who live here identify with, but tourists are also really expecting that out of this area. It's really nice to have that pride behind everything we produce here,” said Marshall.

Using organic red winter wheat from Sacramento, Spirit Works blends traditional British techniques with west coast creativity. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the distillery, which boasts a hybrid pot still that many say reminds them of an oversized musical instrument. Spirit flights also put a new spin on tastings as visitors can taste up to three spirits, plus a cocktail of their favorite choice.

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