Sonoma Magazine: 5 Ways to Celebrate Negroni Week in Sonoma County

June 26, 2019

Make Your Own With Local Booze from Spirit Works Distillery in Sebastopol

Extend the Negroni Week celebrations by making your own—Spirit Works Distillery in Sebastopol supplies the gin. You can sample their three gins—Gin, Barrel Gin and Sloe Gin—at the distillery’s tasting room or buy them at local retailers like Bottle Barn and Oliver’s Market.

Negroni recipes can be found on Spirit Works’ website. Co-owner Ashby Marshall also recommends two variations on the classic. The first features one part Campari, one part Spirit Works Gin and one part Spirit Works Sloe Gin – substituting Sloe Gin for the vermouth. The second, a staff favorite, is a Negroni made with Spirit Works Barrel Gin. “The candied lemon and orange that comes through with the barrel aging process blends incredibly well with Campari,” says Marshall.

Spirit Works is celebrating Negroni Week with two Bay Area events, one at the Agave Uptown bar in Oakland and another at Viognier Restaurant at Draeger’s Market in San Mateo. They will also post cocktail recipes on Instagram at @spiritworksdistillery.

The Negroni is a seductive cocktail. Its ruby red color looks beautiful backlit on a bar, it glistens over a large ice cube and tastes like no other drink. “The balance of herbal, bitter, and sweet in a Negroni just feels complete in my palate,” says Ashby Marshall, co-owner of Sonoma County’s Spirit Works Distillery.

And now is the perfect time to enjoy the classic Italian aperitif. The seventh annual Negroni Week, an international celebration and fundraiser, kicks off June 24. (This year is extra special as it marks the drink’s 100th anniversary.)

Sonoma, always balancing tradition with rebellion, has turned Negroni-making into an art form. We talked to five local masters, who shared their Negroni Week plans, recipes, and cocktail-making tips.

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