Spirit Works Barrel Reserve Sloe Gin Named "Splurge-Worthy"


The San Francisco Chronicle, the Bay Area's leading news & entertainment publication, recently named our Barrel Reserve Sloe Gin as a Splurge-Worthy bottle for holiday celebrations.

"Sebastopol’s Spirit Works Distillery has developed a quiet following for its sloe gin, an antiquated English tradition that blends gin with sloe berries — tiny, astringent berries that grow in bushes throughout the English countryside. It’s a style that can, if made by the wrong hands, taste sickly sweet. But Spirit Works’ flagship version ($40) is balanced, playful and delightfully fruity.
This higher-end version, Spirit Works’ Barrel Reserve Sloe Gin, adds a few layers of complexity by aging the spirit in new American-oak barrels. I find it simply irresistible. The ruby-colored gin tastes like brandied cherries, spiced plum cake, clove-studded orange peel and balsamic syrup. If that sounds overpowering, it isn’t: There’s just enough tartness to balance out the sweeter aspects. With warming spice-drawer flavors like allspice and nutmeg, this is a festive spirit that would be an excellent coda to any holiday meal."

To read the full article (paywall): https://www.sfchronicle.com/projects/2021/best-wine-spirits-gift-holidays-2021/