Raw Materials

December 3, 2015

Here at Spirit Works Distillery, we have always been a grain-to-glass facility. We bring in whole grain, we send bottled spirits out into the world, and we are very proud of this philosophy. Our production team has now added corn into the mix! We officially laid down our very first bourbon barrels! Similar to our Straight Wheat and Straight Rye Whiskies, we will allow the bourbon to sit for a minimum of two years in brand new, charred, American White Oak barrels. The result will be Straight Bourbon! As you can see, Timo and Lauren were pretty excited about putting this mash bill together.


The majority of products that we make come from organic, California-grown Hard Red Winter Wheat. This includes our Vodka, Gin, Barrel Gin, Sloe Gin, and Straight Wheat Whiskey. Today was grain delivery day! Time to get busy turning these totes into delicious batches of Spirit Works Distillery products!