Making Room for Whiskey

November 12, 2015



sterday was Veteran's Day, (thank you to all Veterans) and while this was a work holiday for many people, it was a day to build new pallet racking for some of the team at Spirit Works Distillery. Timo and Shannon, who is a good friend of Spirit Works, spent several hours building new storage space for all of the pallets of whiskeywe have on the way in the coming weeks. Beginning this Sunday, November 15th, we will be bottling whiskey every week until the end of the year, sometimes bottling both wheat and rye in the same day! These new pallet racks will soon be filled with delicious Straight Wheat and Straight Rye Whiskey, and here they will wait until they get shipped out to our distributors. It looks like a lot of storage space now, but it will go fast! We're always looking for people to assist with bottling so sign up here is you're interested!