LUXE Digital: Sipping Guide To The Best Gin Brands In The World

October 19, 2020

Spirit Works doesn’t just distill gin; it offers a whole portfolio of spirits including vodka, whisky, barrel gin and sloe gin. While some might assume that this works to its disadvantage when it comes to honing the fine details of spirit crafting, it’s not a problem that Spirit Works has suffered from.

It might actually work to its advantage. Because while the brand is known for producing good quality vodka and gin, it’s Spirit Works’ sloe gin that really shines through.

As it falls under a 40% ABV, Sloe gin can’t technically be called ‘proper’ gin. But its popularity and variety make it an important part of any thorough gin guide anyway. And if you’re looking for a bottle to enjoy, Spirit Works’ offering is the way to go.

The bottle begins its life as the distillery’s dry gin, made with juniper, orris and angelica roots, cardamom, coriander, orange and lemon peels and hibiscus. Then it’s infused with sloe berries to bring in that signature flavour. It’s sweet but not cloying with lively fruit and citrus notes.

Best Sloe Gin: Spirit Works Sloe Gin

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