- Is Music the Secret Ingredient to Your Next Favorite Drink?

June 4, 2019

Metallica’s rendition of Whiskey in a Jar excluded, the band’s latest endeavor, Blackened Whiskey, might be the most notable example of what happens when music and alcohol collide. Additional distilleries that have incorporated distinct sounds into their production process for select products at one point or another include Tuthilltown Spirits and Dark Island Spirits in New York, as well as Spirit Works in California.  Because wood is where most spirits pick up their flavor profiles, the aging process is where many, if not most, of these musical interludes, take place. While the methods vary as to how these distilleries make music and molecules interact, the collective efforts of these businesses to experiment with sound technology demonstrates this practice is anything but a one-hit wonder. Some distilleries like Dark Island Spirits are even going so far as to patent their own equipment designed to assist in the musical aging process.

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