Eventbrite.com Spirits 101:How to Taste Booze Like a Pro

August 27, 2017

And now, here’s Lauren’s important advice based on her vast knowledge and distilling experience, about how to taste different spirits and why things like proof really matter. Tasting Whiskey Is Not Like Tasting Wine: Smell It Above the Glass (And Don’t Swirl)“Drinking whiskey is not like drinking or tasting wine. With wines, you’re often swirling to allow the aroma to come to the forefront, and also sticking your nose all the way in the glass, but those are both things you don’t want to do with whiskey because it is a higher alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage, so the alcohol is more volatile and more likely to overpower your olfactory.“Swirling also agitates the liquid and when that happens, the alcohol molecules are more easily changed into vapor. You don’t want that because it will burn your olfactory and you won’t be able to smell anything.”Read the whole article here