Edible Marin: Local Women of Whiskey

March 20, 2021
(and Bourbon, Vodka and Gin). Cheers to you!

Jack, Jim and Johnnie: At a glance, the spirits industry looks like the ultimate boys' club. But from pioneering proto-chemists in distillation's earliest days, through the intertwined temperance and suffragist movements, all the way to Margie Samuels' iconic red-wax-dipped bourbon bottles and beyond, women have always quietly played a powerful role in the spirits world. The 21st century's craft spirits boom brought a new wave of female distillers, and many of the best and brightest are right here in our own backyard.

Ashby Marshall, co-owner and head distiller at Sebastopol's Spirit Works Distillery, started out making the country's first sloe gin and went on to make award-winning barrel-aged gins, also sourcing grains locally and exhibiting an incredible attention to detail down to the bottle: "a flask shape that is just little smaller and better for our female distillers’ hands to hold.” There are no rules in gin and experimentation is encouraged. Marshall plays the San Francisco Philharmonic's Nutcracker for her gin barrels. Apparently they like it a lot...

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