Chilled Magazine: Celebrating Spirited Women Of The Distilling Industry

Because we care about a healthy distilling industry, especially during these times, we love to celebrate the increasing presence of more women as owners, managers, and marketers.

Besides the obvious gains in equality, the results repeatedly show larger economic improvements, and a larger spectrum of skill sets for all. To celebrate all women in the industry, I asked a broad selection of these leaders to present a significant concept or topic of interest to them.

Let’s start with Ashby Marshall, Co-Founder and Brand Manager of Spirit Works Distillery in Sebastopol, California. “In crazy times like these, I try to find time to reflect on what is really important and keeps me going each day. It turns out that fostering an integrated and passionate team here at the distillery, who have been able to pivot with us recently, has been totally invaluable and equally fulfilling. I also see that maintaining our grain to glass philosophy has created a path for us to continually produce award-winning spirits, stay connected to the community and farmers, be recognized as pioneers in the industry and gives me the personal satisfaction of working with my hands and sharing that with people every day.

“Another very important issue to me these days is simply keeping this small business running successfully among all the closures we (and our industry as a whole) have been forced into by the hand of COVID and recent fires. One of the most impactful ways for consumers to support craft distillers moving forward is by purchasing directly from the distilleries themselves. Normally, distilleries cannot ship spirits directly to consumers due to antiquated tied-house laws leftover from prohibition. But in 2020, states like ours in CA, have created a dispensation that allows us to ship spirits directly to consumers. We have seen this uptick in business alleviate a small part of the strain from our unopen tasting room and nominal wholesale market. As part of the California Distiller’s Guild, we are trying to get those original laws changed and for these dispensations to remain permanent. If you want to help, please reach out to your local representatives and tell them to allow DTC sales to continue for craft distilleries in your area.

Read the entire piece here.