BEVNET.COM: Spirit Works Distillery releases Bottled in Bond Straight Rye Whiskey

March 19, 2018

Still in place today, but difficult to achieve and even harder to come by, a spirit can only be labeled Bottled in Bond – by U.S. Government Supervision if it is:

  1. Produced from the same class of spirits and same class of materials (Rye berries and Rye Whiskey)
  2. Distilled in the same distilling season (Dec 2013) by the same distiller (Ashby Marshall) at the same distillery (Spirit Works Distillery)
  3. Stored for at least four (4) years in direct, full contact with wood (53 gal New Charred American Oak Barrels)
  4. Void of any addition, subtraction or modification
  5. Proofed to 100 proof with only pure water
  6. Bottled at 100 proof

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