Beverage Master: Empowerd Makers Spirited Women

October 2, 2020

Krystal Goulart—Head Distiller—Spirit Works Distillery

Spirit Works Distillery owners Ashby and Timo Marshall celebrate female-driven innovation at this small distillery in Sebastopol, California, and give Goulart and her team plenty of opportunity to craft with skill and instinct. In July 2020, the American Distilling Institute named the organization Distillery of the Year and extended its Bubble Cap Award for diversity and community engagement.

Signature Spirits: Sloe Gin, Barrel Reserve Sloe Gin, Vodka, Four Grain Straight Bourbon

1.   First, an absolute trust in my palate, which is necessary when making “cuts” at the still, blending and product developing. Sensing subtle flavor and textural nuances within a run is what helps maintain a house profile as much as it also defines a distiller’s signature. Second, my ability to understand equipment and process timing so that I can develop efficient methods of working to increase speed and productivity. The best production hand is one who maintains speed with the least amount of movement.

2.   Being part of the craft distilling industry is, first and foremost, a passion play. The goal is to provide an environment of inspiration, education and exploration so you can stand together on new frontiers. Though deadlines and malfunctioning equipment might get in the way, cultivating employee and client relationships creates a robust team that can withstand any challenge.

3.   Learn all aspects of the business, from pressure-washing drains to making cocktails. Share respect and value with your team members, your production space and the products you make. Embrace opportunities for future growth or change. Be fearless in the face of challenge, enjoy the ride and embrace your personal evolution.

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