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Each batch of our Gin starts with the same organic red winter wheat as our Vodka. This base is classically distilled with juniper berries and both traditional and freshly Californian botanicals. Unique to our Gin you will find fresh zested lemon and orange along with tea-like hibiscus.

Nose: Bright citrus and delicate juniper

Palate: Balanced spice, floral, and citrus notes

Finish: Slight acidity and notes of herbal tea


Sloe Gin

This traditional sloe gin has been handed down through the Marshall family for generations. Each batch starts with our Gin as the base to which we add whole organic sloe berries from Europe. This award-winning vibrantly hued liqueur is delicious sipped on its own or as a replacement for sweet vermouth in any cocktail.

Nose: Pomegranate and cranberry

Palate: Ripe sweetness, fresh acidity, and sour cherry

Finish: Dry and tannic with slight almond notes


Barrel Reserve Sloe Gin

A first and only of its kind - our full-bodied liqueur, rested in oak barrels, provides notes of dark cherry, clove,cardamom, and orange peel. This incredible aged sloe gin is most often enjoyed as a digestif on its own, but is known to show up in specialty cocktails around the Bay Area.

Nose: Prune and dried grapes

Palate: Vanilla, dried cherry, and ruby port

Finish: Dry with a rich and luxurious mouthfeel

ADI 2022

Gold Medal and "Best of Class"

Why Choose Spirit Works Distillery?

Spirit Works Distillery, awarded Distillery Of The Year in July 2020, was founded, in 2012 in the heart of Sonoma County in Sebastopol, California, by husband and wife team Timo and Ashby Marshall.

The distillery is a highly respected and award-winning craft spirits producer which house-ferments, distills, and bottles handmade Vodka, Gin, Sloe Gin, Barrel Gin, Barrel Reserve Sloe Gin and the all four-year-old Straight Wheat, Straight Rye, and Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey onsite. Lead by one of the few female distilling teams in the U.S., Spirit Works Distillery is continually voted as Best Craft Distillery and Tasting Room in Sonoma County.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Unique distillery in the Barlow! You can learn about distilling process, and taste a variety of their spirits in the tasting room. The owners are nice and the place is clean and well kept. Looking forward to it opening back soon. You can still get great spirits during Covid."

"Spirit Works Distillery is a great place to learn about the making of gin and any of their other wonderful products.  The Barrel Gin is a world class sipping gin."

"Great Gin, amazing staff ! ! ! ! ! Awesome tasting room with a Willy Wonka style distillery. The head distiller is a woman, as well as 9 of 10 of their employees (even the dogs are female) - I’m not a radical feminist, but it’s very motivating/encouraging/empowering to see women getting into to a predominantly male industry."

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