It's A Pandemic Special Kind Of Blog!

March 29, 2021

You’ve Acquired An Ethereal Pandemic Special Bottle – Congratulations!

Since our brand inception, we have used a custom glass mold Timo and I designed with our team back in the very early days. We sketched out a tall flask that was an oval shape at the base. We gave it nice strong shoulders but brought in the sides a little bit to make it easier for small hands to pour from and hold.

Some of the details that go into our bottle design seen here.

We labored over the exact shape of the neck, wanting it to be tall but not ‘whiskey-neck’ tall and wide but not overwhelmingly so. We discovered new and interesting words like ‘knurling’ – which are apparently the little dots or lines of glass on the bottom of the bottle that give it some traction. These little things are super essential but also can easily scratch soft bar surfaces and really need some thought put into them. We wanted to emboss our ‘cog’ symbol but didn’t want it to look like the Sun. There are so many factors to think about when designing your own glass that, in fact, our first bottle company told us to buy ‘off-the-shelf’ glass at first until we ‘actually made it in the industry’. Fair enough, sir, fair enough.

But still, we pushed for our custom glass because you know, we’re big dreamers. And until now we have been thrilled with the look!

Then, of course, Covid hit and messed with pretty much anything and everything that had a schedule on it. While we try to be patient with various and numerous issues surrounding the shipment of a container full of glass, we did find a temporary solution, because you people are still thirsty – pandemic or not.

And here bring us to your newly acquired Pandemic special bottle. Actually, there are two of them out there now! Our glass supplier didn’t have enough of one or the other to help us through the glass crisis 2021 but they did at least have a couple ‘off-the-shelf’ bottles that fit our labels, corks, and capsules. And there you have it. That’s the story of our Pandemic Special Bottles and we hope you enjoy them while they last!

Cheers to all of your good health,



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