What Exactly is Sloe Gin?

We all know and love gin, but what is sloe gin? You won't find sloe berries on top of cheesecake due to their tart flavor, but they do make a perfect combo with Gin!
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The Music Barrel Experiment That Rocks!

March 28, 2021
For the past 7 years, our 53-gallon barrels of whiskey have been listening to various music, 24/7 365 days. Our theory is the music vibrations help the whiskey mature.
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It's A Pandemic Special Kind Of Blog!

March 29, 2021
The pandemic put a halt to a lot of things in our distillery, especially our glass bottle shipments. Learn more about our special pandemic bottles we are using.
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Joining Forces For Great Grain

March 5, 2021
We were lucky to meet a wonderful farmer, Mai Nguyen, who will become our new local source of organic Rye for Spirit Works Distillery. Learn more about how we met Mai.
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Now Offering - Alcohol Delivery in California

February 2, 2021
Spirit Works Distillery can now deliver your favorite spirits directly to your door! Order through our website anywhere in the US, excluding UT, AL, KY, and MS.
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Distillery 101 - What Made Us Stand Out?

July 24, 2020
Spirit Works Distillery is the 2020 Distillery of the Year! In this article learn about where our name comes from, how we built a team and an amazing community.
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An Ode To California Bourbon and Homemade Pasta

April 23, 2020
Matt DeVriendt, brand manager at Winebow talks about how Spirit Works Distillery makes everyone feel like family. We love our wonderful distillery staff!
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The Thing About Sloes

December 2, 2019
Spirit Works Distillery founders Timo and Ashby had planted Blackthorn bushes (sloe berry bushes). After years of waiting, we finally have homegrown sloe berries!
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A Day In The Life Of: Lauren Patz of Spirit Works Distillery

September 20, 2019
Ever wondered what a day in the life of a distillery looks like? Spirit Works Distillery manager Lauren Patz gives us some insight on day-to-day tasks.
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What Is Old Tom Gin Anyway?

July 15, 2019
Old Tom Gin is more than just a sweeter gin that has been aged in a barrel. Learn more about Spirit Works Distillery's Old Tom Gin in this article.
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Welcome to the Spirits Club!

February 5, 2019
We have started an exclusive Spirits Club for our most loyal fans! Our 3-tier club membership offers something perfect that fits your budget. Join today!
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What's All The Craft Distillery Tasting Room Buzz?

October 31, 2018
Has there been a buzz lately around craft distillery tasting rooms? Breweries used to dominate the tasting room scene, and craft distilleries have taken over.
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Press Democrat - Best Distillery in Sonoma County 2018!

August 16, 2018
Spirit Works Distillery is Sonoma County's Best Distillery in 2018! Thank you to each and every one of you who have helped us make this happen!
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Creating Beautiful, Unique, If Not Sometimes Misunderstood Spirits by Lauren Patz

July 18, 2018
Our very own Head Distiller, Lauren Patz, breaks down her thoughts on creating our award-winning spirits.
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Ashby Marshall Talks Production and The Day She Made Bottled in Bond

March 20, 2018
We released our first 4 years Bottled in Bond Rye Whiskey a couple of days ago! You can read more about why this is so exciting and hard to achieve here
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National Good Food Awards Winners!

February 2, 2018
Spirit Works Distillery's Sloe Gin was a winner of the 2018 Good Food Award in the Spirits category. Over 1000 people were in attendance for the ceremony
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Happy Holidays!

December 8, 2017
Our Spirit Works Distillery family wants to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! We invited our Spirit Club members to a holiday party and had a blast.
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Our music barrel experiment has taken off!

September 19, 2017
At Spirit Works Distillery, we have iPods and speakers setup to play music 24/7 365 for our barrels of whiskey. The music vibrations help the whiskey mature in the barrel
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20 July Even in hot weather!

July 20, 2017
Come and visit our distillery this summer! Getting a tour of our distillery and tasting some delicious spirits with family and friends is a great summer time activity!
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The Perfect Pairing

February 10, 2017
Over Valentine's Day weekend our tasting room will be of chocolate and whiskey. Chocolate supply is limited, but our delicious whiskey definitely isn't!
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We need you more than ever!

April 12, 2017
We are inviting our Spirit Works community to join us for a special day in joining our bottling process. Get a taste of the delicious product that you bottled yourself!
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Spirit Works Distillery Announces Promotion of Lauren Patz to Head Distiller

January 6, 2017
Spirit Works Distillery is proud to announce that Lauren Patz has been promoted to our new Head Distiller. Lauren joined the team back in 2014.
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