Author: Ashby Marshall

14 Sep Fortune Magazine – The 2016 Most Innovative Women in Food & Drink

Ashby Marshall, Spirit Works Distillery California’s Sonoma County may be synonymous with wine, but this female-powered distillery is making a strong case for the region’s whiskey—and it is truly regional. Last December, co-founder Marshall released her terrific Straight Wheat Whiskey, made with organic red winter wheat from the...

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11 May Day of the Lunantishees

We're not the most superstitious bunch here at Spirit Works Distillery, but when we're making sloe gin during Lunantishee Day (May 11th or November 11th), we take precautions. According to Irish folklore, Lunantishee are the mischievous spirits that guard the blackthorn bush which produces sloes. Apparently an...

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