~Definitive Spirits~


We offer Craft Distilling Services for existing or up and coming brands through consultation, product development, and finished product distillation. Our still is a hybrid pot still with a 21 plate rectification column allowing us total flexibility in the spirits we can produce on-site. We can, and do, produce ultra-premium Vodkas, Gins, Whiskies, Brandies, Liqueurs, and Specialty Spirits.

Services include:

  • Recipe and Product development
  • Milling, mashing, fermenting
  • Production distillation (from Wine, Grain, Raw Materials or GNS)
  • Bottling Services
  • Consulting and Administrative services
  • We also have 2+ year-old bulk California Wheat and Rye Whiskies for sale by the barrel (for direct bottling or blending). While stocks last.
Distillery Ingredient Testing
We pride ourselves in being able to work confidentially with clients to deliver above and beyond your expectations.

Please contact us at this email address initially with your thoughts and concept. We look forward to making them a reality.