Artisan Spirit Magazine- Sloe Dancing with Spirit Works Distillery


01 Apr Artisan Spirit Magazine- Sloe Dancing with Spirit Works Distillery

There’s calmness at Spirit Works Distillery now, after regular hours, as we have an opportunity to see the inner workings of the larger than usual craft distilling space. It’s after the hustle and bustle of the day, running with gyrating machinery and dancing hoses across the floors that Ashby, head distiller, and Timo are able to share their passion and the hard work evident in this space.

“Into the Mystic”

Spirit Works, owned by Ashby and Timo Marshall, lives on dance, music, and a little cavorting by their Boston Terrier, Bandit. The Marshall’s have worked together for years on ships and in the field of environmental non-profits before they chose to try their hand at distilling. And they didn’t just leap in. Timo and Ashby played the game smart by calculating everything. While many craft distillers follow the pattern of ┬ájumping in and getting a liquid on the shelf quickly in order to build some capital, Timo wanted time to build a business and research before fully producing a bottle that was, in their eyes, ready for the public.

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